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Many times, my closest friends complain that they don’t get important information from me. Whereas I absolutely agree with them, on the macro level, many times, I have difficulty finding the appropriate micro-opportunity to disclose essential data.

On one hand, I am a great believer of journeying together in life with those whom one loves. I’m reminded of a profound episode of “Will and Grace,” in which, due to their recent geographic distance, Will and Grace no longer had the kind of intimacy they once enjoyed. The conclusion was that they each would contact the other with every thought or event in his/ her life. I believe Will said something to the effect of “if you change tooth pastes, I wanna know about it.” Yes. I agree with that. That’s how one journeys together in life. Sadly, social media has given us a great means of the output portion of that equation, with little of the input benefits— namely, the intimacy.

Therefore, on the other hand, people mostly don’t seem to want to hear anything that disrupts their current flow of thought or task. Being an effective communicator means understanding one’s audience and the context into which one projects to insert data. Many times, the data that I hope to insert has no proper port.

For instance, I once had to sit through an entire brunch while secretly mourning the death of a dear friend. I scheduled this brunch, with acquaintances with whom I was still becoming familiar, a few weeks in advance, so when the tragedy happened, it was impossible to cancel. If I did, I would have to explain why and then they would begin treating me strangely or not addressing my pain at all, all of which would be quite uncomfortable for an INTJ. Therefore I kept a smile on my face and my emotions in a nice sturdy cage.

Also, texting seems to inhibit the exchange of proper data due to its immediate and toneless nature. I’ve tried to disclose significant information using this means, but have failed miserably, causing unnecessary pain for both parties.




I would quite love to exchange thoughts and feelings efficiently. Perhaps, given our highly detached forms of communication lately, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea for all of us to decide to pay closer attention to what others are actually communicating and be ok with being interrupted in our current paths.


Social Equity


As much of an accomplishment as it seems to get one’s doodle retweeted by @sketch_dailies or someone that many might call a “celebrity,” it’s not something one can put in a resume. With that said, here’s a silly little happy moment: my tank girl got retweeted by @sketch_dailies.



doodles, the thoughts of a kat

There was a period of time when I never drew myself. I didn’t allow others to draw me, and I took very few pictures of myself too. Some might assume this had to do with some sort of confidence or body image issue. How cliche do you think I am?


The theme of a current project of mine (My first live action film! Eek!) is disconnect and indirectness. Ok, that IS pretty cliche for an artist. Anyway, I’ve made it so because of the nature of art itself. Bear with me now: art is often an analogy of some kind. If one were to be literal with one’s art, one wouldn’t call it art. One would call it whatever the hell it is—a table, a house, a hammer. Now, this statement breaks down slightly when we begin to define art apart from its contemplative qualities. I do happen to believe that art does include design, in many cases. This is why I mentioned that “art is OFTEN an analogy”.


Aaaaaanyway, because art— at least my art— is often an analogy, actually depicting myself has long since been a strange way to communicate anything of value. But lately, I’ve come to a new realization: who in tarnation cares?

I used to draw cats, monsters, dolls, and other things to represent me in scenes. And now I use me to represent other things in scenes that I draw. So, here are some of those!



doodles, the thoughts of a kat


It’s a tricky game, being a part of society. On one hand, something inside one yearns for community and a sense of membership. There’s an undeniable need to be a part of something greater than myself. On the other hand, a herd of humans can easily infect one with some dangerous afflictions. And unfortunately, I’m terrible at games.

The surreptitious influence of my little pod of primates has had many results, including me thinking that my work is good only if it’s like by a large amount of people. Thankfully, before this notion affected what I made, I caught onto the infiltration and resolved to create from my point of view, instead of that of the masses.

If one person can be touched or inspired by what I make, I’d have satisfied my role in the game.



Oscars 2014 dresses

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lupita Nyong’o was just beautiful in her Prada dress and sincere words.


Portia de Rossi in an intricate Naeem Khan gown.


Kate Hudson in Altier Versace was just stunning.


Jennifer Lawrence in Dior was just stunning.

Big Bang Theory

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Since the only celebrities I draw are chefs and comedians, I’m officially stating that these are not celebrity portraits, but drawings of characters that I love.

It took me many tries and 2 days on set to get Leonard right. You’d think it’d be easier to draw his features.

A scene behind the glass

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It’s a basic human need to be validated and supported. Yet those seem to be the very things we refuse most and the needs we despise most in others. It’s frightening to me that people are judged (meaning condemned) for having insecurities. Who doesn’t have them? Insecurities are wounds from a lack of validation. So judging them is a lot like hating someone for having a bleeding gash. Humans are evil, no?

So what keeps me interacting with them? Moments that remind me that we are all just mushy piles of goo. What was this couple beyond the glass talking about, so intensely and yet tenderly? Something about their moment, as far away and separated from me as they were, grabbed me and kept me long enough for me to draw them. He leaned in, she swept her hair behind her ear, he looked down, she took a drink.

Just goo.